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Engineering and Design Services:

Element-360: An Engineering Services & Consulting Division

A multi-discipline company offering wide range of Engineering Solutions and CAD Design Services
We are a multi-discipline engineering consultancy firm providing Project Engineering, Project Management, Feasibility/Conceptual studies, Basic Engineering Design, Detail Engineering Design, Information Management and other services.

We offer complete engineering design package for Process, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation engineering – a single window Company for your Greenfield or Brownfield projects. Our engineering team is highly experienced and skilled understanding the project requirement and designing the complete project with international quality, not to mention in cost effective manner.

Our low cost outsourcing services reduces your project cost for CAD design & drafting services. We use latest software's and technology to assist you for your project design. Partnering with us helps you to bid more aggressively on your Focus on core business processes by outsourcing, Acquire new capabilities & Save all direct and indirect investments in time, infrastructure, technology, training etc. Reduce need for contract staffing resulting Higher profit margins.

  Engineering Design & Detailing

We have developed our Engineering services' capability through several years of hard-work of our knowledgeable human capital. Our collective experience and expertise is offered to our clients to help them efficiently manage and deliver their complex engineering projects timely and cost-effectively.

Purely depending upon the project requirements, which we do realize demand flexibility at times in terms of resources and expertise, we allocate a dedicated team of personnel covering the complete hierarchy of overall resource requirement and also handle the sub-contracting works with our well-established procedures assuming the much-expected responsibility towards quality and deadlines.

Also, being a subsidiary entity of an internationally well-established & reputed project delivery organization i.e Consolidated Gulf Co., Qatar, we always have easy access to latest engineering technologies, tools and manpower to meet the demands of our local as well international customers.

We always engage experienced Project Managers & Senior Lead Engineers possessing a reasonable level of flexibility and overall positive attitude to devote the right level of engineering expertise, quality and adaptability to the demanding Projects.

We specialize in following range of engineering services:-
Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Including Authorization for Expenditure (AFE), Quality Cost and Schedule Estimates using Aspen Icarus Cost Estimation Application Software along with a detailed project Scope of Work and Project Execution Plan based on client's requirement.

  Detailed Engineering & Design

Developing detailed designs and documents through a multi-discipline yet integrated engineering approach involving extensive interaction between Process, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil & Structural and Safety & Loss Prevention professionals equipped with latest Engineering Software Applications & Tools. Below provided is the detailed list of deliverables that Vaninfotech is capable of producing at different stages and as part of their Detailed Engineering & Design service offering.

  General & Multi Discipline

    Detailed Site Survey Reports
    Overall Design Basis Memorandum
    Detailed Planning Packages
    Quality Assurance Plans
    EPIC Tender Packages
    Cost Estimation using Aspen ICARUS Cost Estimation Software

  Process Engineering

    Process Design Basis
    Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
    Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) (Plain CAD as well as Intelligent)
    Utility P&ID's and Distribution Diagrams
    Material & Energy Balance
    Process Equipments Sizing & Specifications
    Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers & Condensers
    Pump Selection & Sizing Calculations
    Orifice Sizing Calculations and Specifications for Control Valve
    Hydraulic and Line Sizing Calculations
    Relief Valve Sizing Calculations and Specifications
    Commissioning Philosophy
    Network Analysis
    Adequacy Check Reports

Piping Engineering

    Overall Plot Plans
    Equipment Layouts
    Piping & Equipment General Arrangement Drawings
    Piping Isometrics
    Piping Flexibility & Stress Analysis Using CAESER II Software
    Pipe Support Details & Drawings
    Valve Datasheets
    Piping Material Specifications
    Material Take Off (MTO)
    Tie - In Schedules

Pipeline Engineering

    Pipeline Layout
    Pipeline Profile Drawings
    Well ( Gas, Water, Oil) Layout
    Stress Analysis Using CAESER II Software
    Support Detailing
    Flow Line Routing Layouts

Instrumentation Engineering

    Instrumentation Schedules
    I/O Lists
    Alarm & Trip Setting Schedule
    Cable Block Diagrams
    Cause & Effect Charts/Diagrams
    Functional Logic Diagrams
    Loop Diagrams
    Process Hookup Diagrams
    Pneumatic Hookup Diagrams
    Junction Box Termination Diagrams
    Instruments Location Drawings
    Instrument Sizing Calculations

Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Single Line Diagram
    Electrical Cable Laying, Cable Trench & Trough Routing Layout
    Protection & Control Schematics
    Electrical Equipment Layout Drawings
    Transformer & Switch Board Sizing
    Electrical Load Lists
    Cable Sizing Calculations
    Lighting And Small Power Layout Drawings
    Lighting Calculations
    Electrical Equipment Sizing Calculations
    Load Schedules
    Earthing Layouts
    Bulk MTO

Civil & Structural Engineering

    Foundation Loading Calculations & Analysis for RCC and Steel Structures
    Foundation Designs
    General Layout Drawings
    Enforcement Details
    Underground Structures and Design
    Bridge & Culvert Design
    Dyke / Retaining Structures Design
    Road Pavement and Drainage Layout
    Steel Structure Design and Connections Details
    Structural Analysis Using STAAD PRO Software
    Details of Plan, Elevation Etc.
    Bill Of Quantities and Estimations

Safety & Loss Prevention Engineering

    Fire Water Demand Calculations based on NFPA Standards
    Fire Water Spray Network Analysis
    Active Fire Fighting P&ID's
    F&G Layout
    Safety Charts
    F&G Cause & Effects
    F&G Logic Functional Diagram
    Hazardous Area Classification Based On IP-15 Codes & Standards
    HAZOP Study Participation
    Safety Philosophy


    3D Plant Visualization and Walk-through
    Interference Checks

Concept & Field Developmental Studies

Vaninfotech undertakes studies typically involving collection of site data to validation / reconciliation and determination of bottlenecks. The extent and nature of study however, to be specified by the Client.

Detailed Feasibility Reports (DFR):

With our staff having extensive knowledge in Design, Engineering and Plant Operations, Vaninfotech is well-poised to undertake such detailed feasibility studies.


Other Engineering Services:

    Preparation of technical data and drawing required for obtaining various approvals and licenses e.g. Factory inspectorate, explosives etc.
    Co-ordination with architect, process consultants, vendors and contractors for smooth implementation of the project
    Project costing, budgeting, reviews and control.
    Process improvement, debottlenecking in operating plants.
    Project schedule monitoring.
    Technical assistance in obtaining loan from financial institutions.
    Preparation of project report.
    Safety, energy audits and hazard analysis.
    System layout for fire hydrants, fire-fighting equipment.
    Evaluation of existing factory set up.
    Preparation of fixed asset register.


    Preparation of enquiry / tender documents.
    Techno-commercial evaluation of bids and assistance in placements of orders.
    Stagewise inspection and expediting.

2D CAD Design & As-Built Updating:

Our experienced Engineering and CAD personnel ensure Quality and Accuracy, which are known pre-requisites for the 2D CAD Drafting and As-Built Updating projects. We provide a diversified multi-software environment and utilize different types of Drafting & Data Conversion techniques to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our experienced CAD Personnel are up-to-date with the detailed know-how on multiple data conversion options like Overlay Tracing, Batch Conversion and Selective Conversion etc. and also conversant with various latest CAD Software Applications and Tools available in the market for converting/migrating paper/legacy drawings and documents into several common CAD formats.

In addition to above, Vaninfotech also has significant experience of handling several large volume 2D As-Built Drawing Updating Projects.

We have developed a unique comprehensive methodology of our own based on variety of complex challenges faced and lessons learnt in our past projects in this particular sub-domain and thus genuinely welcome the requirements of all energy and process manufacturing industry establishments suffering from the pain of outdated engineering records.

We offer tailor-made solutions to our clients depending upon the nature and extent of their problem and help them achieve the re-building of an updated set of As-Built Master Engineering Records utilizing a logical step-by-step approach.

Drawings are either produced to our own existing engineering design standards or to the standards provided by our clients and are delivered within the desired time-scales to suit the tight-schedule projects.

2D CAD Design & As-Built Updating:

Scanning, Conversion & Digitization

    Scan, Edit, Cleanup Paper Drawings/Documents
    Digitization of Paper Archives to CAD drawings (Vectorization)
    Design Standardization.
    Format Conversion
    Meta-data Creation, Indexing & Archiving.

Engineering Design & Drafting

    2D Drawing Preparation
    Intelligent P&ID Conversion & generation of Tag Database
    Extraction of 2D Layouts, GADs and Isometrics from 3D Models.
    Preparation of Fabrication/ Manufacturing Drawings

As-Built Updating Services

    Data Gathering & Analysis
    Engg. Consolidation Mark-up Generation
    Drawing Updating & Standardization.
    Detailed Site Validation Surveys
    As-Built Inspection & Certification
    Change Management and As-Built Records Maintenance

As-Built 3D Modeling

    Vaninfotech has extensive expertise in creation of Intelligent & Non-intelligent As-Built 3D models using variety of latest As-Built Data Capturing techniques. We offer wide range of platform independent 3D modeling solutions to suit the requirements and the overall objectives of our industrial clients.

    Our strong technical competence in Process, Structural, Piping & Equipment, HVAC and Electrical & Instrumentation disciplines enable us to promptly analyze and establish the discipline specific detailed requirements and then develop a customized overall project specific methodology to produce the desired As-Built 3D Models with an integrated approach that satisfies the overall short & long term objectives of a Project as well as of all the concerned engineering disciplines independently.

    We have an established team of 20+ resources who are trained on a comprehensive workflow & methodology and a variety of industry standard 3D Engineering Design/Modeling systems such as, PDMS, PDS and AutoPlant to deliver any large-scale 3D modelling project reflecting the true As-Built status and accuracy of upto +/- 5mm

We offer following range of specialized services as part of our As-Built 3D Modeling competency:-

    Creation of Non-Intelligent (CAD) and Intelligent (Data Centric) As-Built 3D models based on high-resolution 3D Laser Scanning Surveys.
    Development of Non-Intelligent and Intelligent As-Built 3D models using the existing as well as legacy As-Built Drawings, Records & Documents.
    Generation of impressive Walkthroughs and Visualization
    Extraction of 2D As-Built Drawings like Piping Isometrics & GAs, Structural Layouts, Equipment Layouts, Electrical & Instrumentation Layouts etc. from the 3D Models.

We would be glad to organize against genuine requests, the detailed technical presentations to share further more comprehensive information on our offerings, methodology & workflows and past projects in the subject domain